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Reprinted from The Action News

January through March 2009

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March 2009
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A Look Ahead

AMSOIL Executive Vice Presidents discuss the coming year

With the holidays long gone and the first couple of months of the new year already in the books, it's time to take a look ahead at what 2009 will offer. The Action News sat down with AMSOIL Executive Vice Presidents Dean Alexander and Alan Amatuzio for a candid discussion of current events affecting AMSOIL and the AMSOIL Dealer network.

Action News (AN): This will undoubtedly go down as one of the most difficult economic periods in recent American history. How has the current economic climate affected AMSOIL INC.?

Dean Alexander: AMSOIL faces many of the same obstacles as any other company: increased shipping costs, increased raw material costs and so on, but our conservative approach to business has proven to be effective. Al, Alan and I meet regularly to plot the course for AMSOIL. We look carefully at current trends and examine the past to determine what's best for AMSOIL and the Dealer network. There have certainly been economic ups and downs over the past 36 years, but AMSOIL has flourished regardless because we offer products that outperform competing products and cost less to use, not to mention a solid business opportunity.

AN: The unemployment rate is the highest it's been in over 25 years. What does that mean for AMSOIL Dealers?

Dean: Opportunity! AMSOIL products and the AMSOIL opportunity are based on quality and integrity. When you offer things based on such a solid foundation, they remain viable in good times and bad. An AMSOIL Dealership presents someone who's lost his or her job or had his or her hours cut with a way to generate income, and AMSOIL products offer consumers ways to save money. Extended drain intervals, improved fuel economy, longer equipment life, reduced maintenance costs, reduced environmental impact – today's hot topics are the benefits AMSOIL products have offered for over 35 years. History shows us that during diffi - cult economic times people are drawn to the AMSOIL business opportunity. Our track record speaks for itself, and people appreciate the chance to control their own destinies.

AN: At this time last year, it seemed like all anyone was talking about was the price of fuel. Now that there's been a reprieve in the price of crude, consumers have seen substantial relief at the pump. Why did it take longer for AMSOIL prices to come down?

Alan Amatuzio: The chemical industry feels the effects of rising crude oil costs on a delayed basis. Gasoline is much more closely-related to crude oil than many of the chemicals produced from crude derivatives, so its price fluctuates easier with fluctuations in the price of crude. While the barrel has dropped substantially, the chemical industry has felt the relief from the record highs of summer on a delayed basis. The price of conventional petroleum oils has gone down. Most synthetics have not. Additionally, Hurricane Ike shut down a major chemical plant in September. That plant alone supplies at least 25 percent of synthetic base oils on the market, so there's been a substantial shortage keeping prices high for the past several months. We kept constant pressure on our suppliers to work through their supply chain issues and bring down their prices to us. AMSOIL was among the first synthetic lubricant manufacturers to announce a price reduction, and AMSOIL prices came down as much as or more than the competition's. There's a follow-up article in this issue of the Action News (pages 12-13) that provides additional details on the changes to our pricing and commission structure.

AN: Has the volatility in the market affected product development at AMSOIL?

Alan: Absolutely not. Like Dean said, AMSOIL products are based on quality rather than fleeting market trends. We've remained at the forefront of the lubrication industry because we constantly research new technology and employ it where applicable. That means AMSOIL base oils and additives are more expensive than lesser alternatives, but they also provide tangible benefits that continue attracting new customers. We will continue to abide by the philosophy that's taken AMSOIL to where it is today: quality is never compromised. We've been researching some exciting things and will have some new developments to unveil in the coming months.

AN: How have specification changes affected formulation strategies?

Alan: EPA mandates drive a lot of oil industry changes. For instance, the EPA has handed down new emissions standards requiring a reduction in carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted by small, non-road, spark-ignition engines, equipment and vessels. That includes applications such as lawn mowers, generators, outboards, personal watercraft, farm equipment; any non-road small engine application. The reduction of these emissions will be accomplished by improving fuel systems and engine combustion and, most commonly, by adding a catalytic converter. This presents a serious challenge for oil manufacturers because some of the chemicals commonly used in the formulation of motor oils can poison the metals in catalytic converters and shorten their useful lives.

Of equal importance is the ILSAC GF-5 specification scheduled for implementation in the 2011 model year. GF-5 is designed to help OEMs meet regulatory requirements, particularly in regards to fuel economy. It will include a new fuel efficiency test, Sequence VID, and will continue to push reductions of some known effective anti-wear additive levels in motor oils to promote better compatibility with catalytic converters. Some of these chemicals offer proven anti-wear performance, so reducing those levels is a concern for the industry. We are currently investigating new technologies that will allow us to exceed GF-5 specifications and continue to provide AMSOIL-quality protection.

AN: Market volatility, specification changes, supply issues; it seems as though the lubricants industry is in a state of flux. What does this instability mean for AMSOIL?

Alan: Market volatility affects AMSOIL more than it does other companies in some respects, less so in others. For instance, many large chemical suppliers also formulate and market their own motor oils. When chemical prices rise, those increases are handed down to independent oil companies first. That forces AMSOIL to implement a price increase to its Dealers before the larger companies raise prices to their distributors, giving our large competitors a 45- to 60-day window where their prices appear to be more attractive. The flip-side to that is the restrictions that come with being married to a specific supplier. As an independent company, AMSOIL is able to research the latest chemistries and obtain them from whichever supplier provides the best quality. Not only that, but when there are supply issues, AMSOIL can approach a number of suppliers to get what we need to maintain production levels. Other companies don't have that option; the recent Mobil allocation is a good example.

The point is, the unique structure of AMSOIL allows us the freedom to more quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace. That, combined with the quality of our products and the efficiency of our operation, has enabled AMSOIL to flourish through good times and bad. The proof is in our company history and the continued reinvestment in corporate infrastructure and the Dealer network.

AN: One of the best Dealer events, AMSOIL University, is coming up in May. AMSOIL U has proven to be a powerful tool for Dealers. What makes AMSOIL U so important?

Dean: The diversity of the topics covered, the hands-on attention from corporate staff, the quality of the presentations; even if you've been a Dealer since 1973, AMSOIL U will help your business. It also gives Dealers a chance to get together to share ideas and socialize, which always generates fresh perspectives on running a successful AMSOIL business.

AN: AMSOIL is holding a Direct Jobber Convention in 2009 as well.

Dean: The D.J. Convention is going to be a great time. We will conduct some high-level training and meet with the D.J.s to talk about what's on the horizon for AMSOIL. It also gives us the opportunity to gather feedback from D.J.s about some of the challenges they are facing in the field. AMSOIL U and the D.J. Convention further demonstrate the depth of the commitment AMSOIL has for its Dealer network. I hope to see all of our Direct Jobbers at the convention and I hope that every Dealer reading this reaches D.J. status in time to make the next one.

AN: AMSOIL offers a very broad product line and has products for nearly every application. Are there any particular markets you like in 2009?

Dean: Powersports markets are good for AMSOIL; we're very strong in the motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV markets. Powersports enthusiasts are generally do-it-yourselfers, as are many AMSOIL users. We are currently exploring ways to increase our presence in the installer market to gain even more market share with do-it-forme consumers, a segment that's been steadily rising.

Diesel applications are an area we're strong in that sometimes gets overlooked. There is so much opportunity for AMSOIL Dealers in the diesel market. AMSOIL diesel oils are second to none, we offer premium filtration products and excellent fuel additives. Our line of diesel products is simply excellent. Small engines are another application that AMSOIL provides excellent products for, but some Dealers haven't realized just how great the market is. The commercial market is good for us too. Our products provide superior protection and save money.

AN: The high price of fuel over the past year has pushed the development of new technologies such as electric vehicles, hybrids and the use of biofuels. How will these developments affect AMSOIL?

Alan: The development of full electric vehicles is still out on the horizon. Like conventional gasoline vehicles, current hybrids require motor oil and filters and operate in severe stop-and-go conditions, so AMSOIL products are a perfect match to keep them operating at peak performance. Biofuels, however, present the most imminent challenges because they vary greatly in type and quality. AMSOIL will continue to pursue new technologies that will promote maximum performance and compatibility with a variety of biofuels. We can assure Dealers that wherever technology leads, AMSOIL will be at the forefront with products that provide value for customers and opportunity for Dealers.

AN: One of the most exciting developments at AMSOIL in the past year was the announcement of the company's status as Official Oil of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Daytona Bike Week.

Dean: The exposure and buzz that have been created through these sponsorships have been astounding. I've already heard a few stories from Dealers who've registered new accounts just because AMSOIL is the Official Oil of Sturgis and Daytona. Many of those accounts had been unenthused about AMSOIL before, but were eager to register after they learned of our status as Official Oil. These sponsorships bring real opportunity for AMSOIL Dealers.

Alan: We're also releasing an updated version of the motorcycle oil white paper [G2156] very soon. It will serve notice to competitors that AMSOIL is still on top. The first motorcycle oil white paper really took the industry by storm. We published proof of the superiority of AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils, and our competitors reacted. Test results from the update to the white paper demonstrate that the competition was forced to upgrade their product offerings. This is yet another example of AMSOIL driving the lubrication industry.

The billing remains true. By digging into the pores of metal surfaces and forming a dry, lubricating, water-resistant film over the applied area, M.P. accomplishes four important tasks: light lubrication, water displacement, corrosion protection and penetration. It accomplishes all four with remarkable effectiveness. That combination makes it good for countless applications, some obvious, others not.

Spray on Versatility


AMSOIL M.P. is one of the most versatile products in the AMSOIL Dealer's arsenal. Dealers find M.P. a mainstay for both their Dealerships and their shops.

Product Uses
AMSOIL M.P. Metal Protectant was first introduced in the fall of 1978. At that time it was billed as "The Product for Everyone."

The billing remains true. By digging into the pores of metal surfaces and forming a dry, lubricating, water-resistant film over the applied area, M.P. accomplishes four important tasks: light lubrication, water displacement, corrosion protection and penetration. It accomplishes all four with remarkable effectiveness. That combination makes it good for countless applications, some obvious, others not.

The most well-known applications for M.P. include lubricating gun mechanisms and protecting them from moisture, protecting electrical systems from corrosion (both salt-water and fresh-water corrosion), fixing squeaking doors and unsticking bolts and mechanical parts frozen up by rust and corrosion.

The bulk of the list, however, is comprised of less obvious uses that may surprise some potential AMSOIL customers.

Here is a small sampling of the lesser known uses of M.P.:
  • Spray M.P. on the rollers of chairs to help them move quieter and smoother.
  • Use M.P. to lubricate, protect and clean guns. M.P. helps eliminate jamming, particularly in cold weather.
  • Apply M.P. to adjustable camera tripods so they'll move smoothly and precisely.
  • Apply M.P. to car door locks to prevent winter freeze-up or to de-ice frozen locks.
  • Use M.P. in stalled cars with wet distributors. Its water displacement properties will help dry them out.
  • Spray M.P. on lug nuts to keep them from rusting and freezing up.
  • Use M.P. to lubricate office equipment.
  • Use M.P. to protect cables that are exposed to the weather.
  • Use M.P. to remove glue or stickers from windows or bumpers.
  • Use M.P. to clean greasy parts.

Business Opportunity
M.P.'s versatility makes it inherently sellable. Because it is so useful, it is easy to approach people with it. Thus, it can be used as a lead item to spark interest and promote further AMSOIL product sales. It is also a great product to point to after a sale has been made ("By the way, could you use a product that . . . "), so it can add to existing sales.

In a business, home, office or shop, AMSOIL M.P. offers the versatility, quality, effectiveness and economy people have come to expect from AMSOIL.

Products the Pros Use

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery

Bitter cold presents perfect testing conditions for many products in the AMSOIL line, and every year the cold weather at the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River, Wis. serves up another challenge. During the 2009 event, temperatures dipped to a brittle -30°F, with wind chills even colder. The AMSOIL Derby Track relies on several diesel engines, including tractors and plow trucks, to keep the ½-mile oval in pristine shape over the four-day event. However, the AMSOIL Derby Track crew members woke up Friday morning to frozen lines from its 1,000-gallon diesel tank. After treating the tank with new AMSOIL Diesel Recovery (DRC), the lines cleared up and the show was saved. "Without AMSOIL we could have had a big problem on our hands, one with the potential to cause a lot of injuries on the ice if we were unable to get fuel into our groomer. You can't mess around when it's that cold, and AMSOIL saved the day."

Todd Achterburg, AMSOIL Derby Track General Manager
February 15, 2009
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AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Continues to Outperform the Competition

Click Graph For Larger Image
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In November 2008, AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil (ATM) and 10 competing conventional, synthetic and synthetic blend 10W-30 motor oils were subjected to a series of six motor oil tests. All six tests were completed in accordance with American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) test procedures, with the results directly indicating the level of protection and performance provided by each of the tested oils.

When testing concluded, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil overwhelmingly emerged as the top-performing oil in the group. No oil outperformed AMSOIL in any of the tests. A comparison also reveals the total cost of using AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil is less over 25,000 miles than all the competing motor oils.

AMSOIL 10W-30 was subjected to the following tests: Thin Film Oxygen Uptake, NOACK Volatility, Pour Point, Total Base Number, Cold Cranking Simulator and Four-Ball Wear. The Thin-Film Oxygen Uptake Test (TFOUT) measures the oxidation stability of engine oils. The NOACK Volatility Test measures the evaporation loss of oils in high temperature service. Pour Point indicates the lowest temperature at which a fluid will flow. Total Base Number (TBN) is the measurement of a lubricant's reserve alkalinity for combating acids. The Cold Cranking Simulator Test (CCS) indicates the degree to which a lubricant can impact cold weather starting. Finally, the Four-Ball Wear Test evaluates the protection provided by engine oil under conditions of pressure and sliding motion.

All of the test findings are detailed in a revised version of the Comparative Motor Oil Testing Brochure (G1971). The brochure, inserted in this issue of the Action News, was developed to assist the end user in making an educated decision about the lubricant most suitable for his or her vehicle. This brochure can also be a valuable tool for AMSOIL Dealers in their efforts to sell AMSOIL motor oil to an individual end user, a commercial account prospect or a retail-on-the-shelf account prospect.

AMSOIL continues to set the standards for the motor oil industry and is proving it once again through the release of this impressive test data. AMSOIL Dealers can use this data to demonstrate to prospective customers how AMSOIL benefits them and their vehicles. Inform prospective customers about the stress and strain placed on today's engine oils, and explain that AMSOIL motor oils are formulated for maximum performance in these demanding conditions.

Motor Oil Comparison Test - How did the major brands compare?

Team AMSOIL Sets World Speed Record at Salton Sea

02-07 (3K)
The Salton Sea was host to Team AMSOIL and its world record-breaking run.
02-08 (3K)
Team AMSOIL set a new POPRA World Speed Record of 131.981 mph.

Team AMSOIL offshore powerboat racers Bob Teague and Paul Whittier made the journey to the Salton Sea in the Southern California Desert for the POPRA Salton Sea Speed Week Kilo Event held December 4-7. Although not a usual destination for Team AMSOIL, the Salton Sea has hosted many races and kilo runs over the decades.

About a dozen teams came out with high hopes that the unique environment would be the ideal setting for squeezing every last drop of speed out of their boats. The combination of below-sea level air density, extremely high salinity in the water, cool desert air and a perfectly undisturbed body of water made the perfect formula for world record-breaking speeds.

Team AMSOIL used Thursday for testing, but unfortunately ran aground near the crane-in area that was not properly dredged, bringing many unexpected challenges in order to have the boat in top shape for its speed runs on Saturday. Most of Friday was spent in the dry pits area repairing the bottom of the race boat. Boats sanctioned under the Southern California Speed Boat Club made kilo runs on Friday, while the course was open for POPRA offshore entries on Saturday and Sunday.

After Teague and Whittier's first run on Saturday proved to be fast enough to break the previous Cat Lite world speed record of 126.703 mph, the team proceeded to try various propellers and set-ups throughout the day in order to better their speed. On a run towards the end of the day, Team AMSOIL successfully topped their own record with a speed of 131.319 mph. On Sunday, Team AMSOIL made several more runs and once again broke their speed record. The final official POPRA World Kilo Speed Record was set at 131.981 mph, certified by APBA/UIM. This speed is the best average of the team's north to south pass and consecutive south to north pass. The team made a one-way pass of nearly 133 mph, but ran a little slower on the back-up run due to a minor deviation on the course angle.

AMSOIL Signs Teague to One-Year Extension

AMSOIL and offshore racing star Bob Teague have reached an agreement on a one-year contract extension for the 2009 offshore powerboat season. Teague and driver Paul Whittier were one of the most successful offshore powerboat teams in the world during the 2008 racing season. In addition to setting the POPRA World Speed Record, Team AMSOIL won the SBI World Championship, OPA Cat Lite High Points Championship, the GEICO Triple Crown, OSS National Championship and OSS High Points Championship.

"Bob and Paul are the best in the business," said Jeremy Meyer, AMSOIL Race Program Manager. "They find a way to win every time the #77 AMSOIL boat touches the water. AMSOIL has established a winning presence in powerboat racing due to the efforts of these two men."

"It doesn't matter where the race is held; we'll be there, and we'll win," said Teague. "AMSOIL has been tremendous in increasing our horsepower and protecting our engines during these stressful races. We look forward to another successful year running the #77 AMSOIL boat."

The next race for the Team AMSOIL offshore team will be March 27-30 at the Off Shore Super Series season opener in Biloxi, Miss.

Eckstrom, Carey Lead AMSOIL Charge in Ironwood

02-09 (11K)
Ryan Carey earned the first podium of his career in Ironwood.
02-10 (11K)
D.J. Eckstrom earned a third place Pro Super Stock podium finish in Ironwood.

Team AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports semi-pro rookie rider Ryan Carey is off to a great start on the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, and his performance at the second round in Ironwood, Mich. on December 12-14 vaulted him into the championship mix.

Carey, who hails from nearby Channing, Mich., delighted the hometown crowd by finding the podium in the Semi-Pro Super Stock final. Carey had his work cut out for him after he finished seventh in the first round qualifier. Heading into the last chance qualifier, Carey went to work early, leading the field through the finish line for the win. In the final, Carey got off to a great start and battled in the front before finishing third, earning the first podium of his semi-pro career. He also finished sixth in the Semi- Pro Open class.

Carey wasn't the only Team AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports rider to find the podium in Ironwood. After taking third in his Pro Super Stock heat race to advance directly to the final, D.J. Eckstrom rode his best race of the year, pushing the leaders to the end for a third place finish and his first podium of the season. He also finished 13th in the Pro Open class. Teammate Shaun Crapo also had a strong weekend, finishing sixth in the Pro Super Stock final and ninth in the Pro Open final.

Team AMSOIL/Judnick Motorsports pro rider Ross Martin kept pace in both pro classes, finishing fifth in both finals, while teammate Matt Judnick finished 10th in each class.

Huge Crowd Highlights AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series in Shakopee
The third round of AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series racing took place January 10-11 in front of one of the largest crowds in the 10-year racing history of Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn. Team AMSOIL racers finished strong, with Eckstrom finishing eighth in the Pro Open class and fifth in the Pro Super Stock class, Crapo finishing 12th in the Pro Open class and sixth in the Pro Super Stock class, Martin finishing fifth in the Pro Open class and 11th in the Pro Super Stock class and Judnick finishing 11th in the Pro Open class and ninth in the Pro Super Stock class.

AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series Races Airing Nationwide on Sledhead 24/7
All the high-flying action of the 2008-2009 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series can be seen on Sledhead 24/7, airing on several affiliates nationwide, including Fox Sports. Check local listings for dates and times.

AMSOIL Re-Signs Factory Connection Team

02-11 (3K)
Star racer Kevin Windham is once again leading the Team AMSOIL charge in 2009.
Title Sponsorship of Amateur Team Highlights Associate Sponsorship of Pro Team

AMSOIL and the Factory Connection racing team have reached an agreement on a one-year contract extension for the 2009 supercross and motocross seasons.

AMSOIL has been the official oil provider for Factory Connection Racing, now known as the GEICO Powersports/Honda racing team, since 1999. The team is led in the 450 class by star rider Kevin Windham, while also featuring one of the sport's top Lites class teams, led by defending 2008 East Coast Lites Supercross champion Trey Canard. Joining Canard are teammates Dan Reardon, Blake Wharton and newcomer Brett Metcalfe.

AMSOIL has also taken over as title sponsor of Factory Connection's amateur program, with top amateurs Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia leading the AMSOIL team in 2009.

February 1, 2009
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02-01 (10K)
JEEP ON AMSOIL - Chris Becea of Steamboat, Colo. reports his 1986 Jeep CJ-7 runs better than ever since he installed AMSOIL products. Becea became a Preferred Customer after he learned about AMSOIL products at his sponsor's website.
Performance Improver Gasoline Additive
  • Improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%
  • Reduces emissions
  • Restores power and performance
  • Reduces need for costly higher octane fuel
  • Reduces noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition
  • Better drivability
  • Smoother operation

AMSOIL Products Give Jeep New Life

Preferred Customer Chris Becea of Steamboat, Colo. was introduced to AMSOIL products on the Internet. He recently started using AMSOIL products in his 1986 Jeep CJ-7, with a five-speed transmission and a 258 in-line six-cylinder engine.

"I was using a name-brand synthetic oil for my engine, transmission and transfer case, but I was not getting the results I hoped for," Becea said.

Becea discovered Dealer Bob Miller's Jp Vehicle Outfitters website, an independent AMSOIL business that has sponsored the Jeep Jamboree USA season for the past two years and plans to continue in the 2009 season. Becea learned about AMSOIL products on the site and decided to try them.

"I'm glad I did," Becea said. "My Jeep has never shifted smoother, both in and out of four-wheel drive. The fact that I only need to change the engine oil once a year, coupled with the superior protection capabilities of AMSOIL synthetics, is the peace of mind I was looking for."

Becea said AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Power Steering Fluid (PSF) gave him noticeable results in steering response and smoothness.

"I also recently put AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive into my tank and wow, what a difference," he said. "My Jeep runs so quietly now I was checking to see if it was started. I have a quicker throttle response, more power and a smooth idle even when it's cold. I have used many gas additives in the past, but AMSOIL P.i. is the only one ever to perform well enough for me to notice an improvement."

His wife's Volkswagen, which has more than 100,000 miles on it, started having transmission problems - erratic shifting pattern and clunky gear changes.

"I have used many gas additives in the past, but AMSOIL P.I. is the only one ever to perform well enough for me to notice an improvement."
- Preferred Customer Chris Becea

"So I ordered some AMSOIL Synthetic Universal Transmission Fluid (ATF) and a filter, and all the automatic transmission shifting issues not only went away, but the car shifts better than ever," Becea said. "I highly recommend AMSOIL products to anyone who wants the best synthetic products out there."

Energy Demand to Continue Rising

Transportation Represents the Quickest Growing Sector

As the world's population continues to grow, and economies throughout the world continue to develop, the demand for energy is also expected to continue increasing. The ExxonMobil "The Outlook for Energy" report examines the long term growth of energy demand to the year 2030.

According to the report, total global energy demand is expected to be around 40 percent higher in 2030 than it was in 2005, even after accounting for significant advances in energy efficiency. While power generation currently represents the largest sector, and the sector with the highest projected volume growth in the future, transportation represents the quickest growing sector and the sector most important to oil demand.

Between the years 1980 and 2005, global energy demand in the transportation sector increased by an average of 2.2 percent per year, with commercial demand (2.4 percent growth) outpacing demand for personal vehicles (2.0 percent growth). Within the commercial market, heavy-duty vehicles experienced the highest overall increase in energy use at over 3 percent per year.

Looking forward to 2030, energy use within the commercial transportation segment is expected to increase by an average of 2.3 percent per year. Heavy-duty vehicles will continue to account for approximately 60 percent of total commercial transportation demand, and fuel demand is expected to increase by an average of 2.2 percent per year. Increases in energy efficiency will be partially responsible for bringing this percentage down from the 3 percent increases seen between 1980 and 2005.

Increases in the number of personal vehicles around the world have been key to driving the growth in the personal vehicles sector, where energy use has increased at an average of 2 percent per year since 1980. About one-third of the world's vehicle population is within the United States. As quantities of vehicles continue to increase worldwide, energy efficiency becomes increasingly important.

Average vehicle fuel economy significantly increased in U.S. passenger vehicles in the late 1970s and early 1980s as fuel prices increased and Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards were implemented. Achieved through improvements in conventional engine technologies and the introduction of new technologies including hybrid vehicles, new vehicle fuel efficiency is expected to improve by an average of 2 percent per year until 2030, enough to offset predictions of modest growth in the U.S. vehicle population and eventually reduce personal vehicle fuel demand over time.

As reported in its "Tomorrow's Energy" report, ExxonMobil expects high quality lubricants to contribute to efficiency improvements: "In addition to technology enhancements in vehicle power trains, we believe that technologies such as lighter-weight materials and improved lubricants will play an important role in delivering valuable efficiency improvements to the transportation sector."

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, gear lubes and transmission fluids effectively improve vehicle fuel efficiency through reduced friction, superior thermal and oxidative stability and resistance to volatility. Industry tests demonstrate an average conservative 2 to 5 percent increase in fuel economy by switching to synthetic lubricants, while many AMSOIL customers report even larger gains.

02-03 (22K)
January 15, 2009
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AMSOIL Partners With Students for Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Engineering students at the University of Wisconsin- Platteville (UWP) took part in the Society of Automotive Engineers' Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The Clean Snowmobile Challenge pits teams of engineering students from 21 engineering colleges across the nation against one another in a competition to build a quieter, cleaner two-stroke snowmobile that runs on E85 fuel. The UWP team went into the event with high hopes and did not disappoint.

UW-Platteville made school history by placing third overall - three positions higher than the school had ever achieved. They also received awards for "Most Improved," "Best Handling" and "Team Safety." In addition, the UWP team completed the endurance event, one of only four teams to complete the 100-mile trip. Competition judges were most impressed by the UWP team's ability to make its two-stroke engine run smoothly on E85.

The snowmobiles used in the competition were heavily modified to allow them to run on E85. AMSOIL does not recommend the use of E85 in snowmobiles, nor is AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR recommended for use with E85. The sponsorship of the UWP team provided AMSOIL the opportunity to conduct research on the alternative fuel while simultaneously helping a new generation of engineers receive some real-world experience.

01-01_thmb (20K) 01-02_thmb (20K)
01-03_thmb (20K) 01-04_thmb (19K)
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01-05_thmb (53K)

AMSOIL Sponsorship Fosters Good Will and a New Customer

AMSOIL INC. received this letter commending AMSOIL-sponsored professional angler Darrin Schwenkbeck on his professionalism and benevolence.

Custom Truck Calls for AMSOIL Products

The AMSOIL reputation for quality lubricants was just what this build had to have to complete its champion theme.
- Brian Walker, 2 Brothers Custom Trucks
01-10 (14K)
01-11 (9K)
(above) AMSOIL Dealer Hoyt Matthew, left, poses for a photograph with UFC legend Matt Hughes. (below) AMSOIL products were used throughout the custom build.

A custom-built truck not only has to look good, it has to perform. Matt Hughes knew he'd come to the right place when he saw the work of 2 Brothers Custom Trucks of Springfield, Ill.

Hughes is a nine-time champion on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) circuit - mixed martial arts competitive fighting.

Hughes' appreciation of classic trucks and desire for modern diesel power resulted in a three-month-long truck build that combines the best of both worlds - classic styling with modern technology and function.

The "Project Matt Hughes" build began with two different trucks. The first was a classic 1966 rust-free C-10 Chevy from Texas. The second was a wrecked 2006 2500HD crew cab Chevrolet, providing the advanced muscle to move the vintage body. One major problem remained: how to make a chassis with more than 27 inches of extra wheel base fit under the C-10 body. This is where 2 Brothers had the chance to make what some called a "pipe-dream" become reality. Owners Brian Walker and David Timm share a passion for custom vehicles. Timm has the vision to see things through that others have a hard time imagining, while Walker's "accept no compromises" attitude ensures only perfection comes from their shop. The C-10 gladly accepted its donor chassis with 273/4. of frame removed. The Duramax diesel and its Allison automatic transmission remained in the chassis, as did the transfer case and rear axle from the 2006. The front axle was a transplant Dana 60 from a 1979 Ford. It featured a one-of-a-kind Pro Comp Double X coilover setup designed for the Ford Super Duty series of trucks in lieu of the IFS setup that came with the 2006 chassis. The truck features RBP 18. wheels and 35. Toyo Open Country M/T tires to help put the diesel's torque to the ground.

When it came to protecting the engine and drivetrain, the choice was clear for 2 Brothers. AMSOIL Dealer Hoyt Matthew of Rochester, Ill. delivered the AMSOIL lubricants that were used throughout, including SAE 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil (AME) in the engine and AMSOIL Synthetic ATF in the transmission and transfer case. They also used AMSOIL Brake Fluid, Antifreeze and Severe Gear Synthetic Gear Lube, as well as a WIX transmission filter and an AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter. Topping off this build was a custom-made intake tube, capped by an AMSOIL EaAU4090 cone filter and covered by an EaPF21 pre-filter. "The AMSOIL reputation for quality lubricants was just what this build had to have to complete its champion theme," Walker said.

The completed project was publicly unveiled at the 4x4 Off Road Jamboree in Springfield, Ill. The interior again brought the best of both trucks into one machine. The power seats from the 2006 were recovered with black leather and charcoal suede. A completely custom sound system was installed, along with several custom Auto Meter gauges to monitor the new heartbeat in this classic.

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January 1, 2009
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New! Emergency Diesel Fuel Additive

Diesel applications operating in extremely cold environments face some unique challenges. As the temperature drops, wax naturally found in diesel fuel begins to form crystals. The point at which wax crystals form is known as the cloud point. These wax crystals can eventually clog the fuel filter and starve the engine of fuel, preventing it from starting. AMSOIL Cold Flow Improver (ACF) maintains fuel flow in cold weather, reducing the cold filter-plugging point by up to 34°F (19°C) in ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD). But what about fuel that has already gelled? Cold Flow Improver must be added to diesel fuel before it reaches its cloud point, and it will not dissolve wax or liquefy diesel fuel once wax crystals have formed. In order to address this problem, AMSOIL now offers Diesel Recovery (DRC), a diesel fuel treatment that liquefies gelled diesel fuel and gets diesels back on the road.

  • Quickly Dissolves Gelled Fuel
  • Thaws Frozen Fuel Filters
  • Performs Well in ULSD, Off-Road & Biodiesel
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Non-Corrosive
AMSOIL Emergency Diesle Fuel Additive

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery quickly dissolves gelled fuel to allow the operator to continue driving with minimal downtime. Diesel Recovery separates the molecular bonds of wax crystals that have agglomerated in diesel fuel. It thaws frozen fuel filters and reduces the need for a new filter, saving both money and the inconvenience of a filter change.

The marketplace offers many different diesel fuels, all with varying quality. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery performs well in all diesel fuels, including ULSD, off-road and biodiesel.

Over extended use, alcohol has a tendency to degrade components of some fuel delivery systems. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery contains no alcohol, making it safe for repeated treatments. In addition, Diesel Recovery is non-corrosive and contains no chemicals that interact with fuel system components. It prevents corrosion that can damage fuel system components and lead to prematurely-clogged fuel filters.

Diesel fuel quality varies from one filling station to the next. While low quality fuels may form wax crystals in temperatures as warm as 40°F (4°C), most fuels have a cloud point near 32°F (0°C). Having a bottle of Diesel Recovery on hand is cheap insurance against being towed to a service station or getting stranded somewhere in subzero temperatures.

The addition of Diesel Recovery to the line of AMSOIL diesel fuel additives presents AMSOIL Dealers with even greater opportunity for sales. No matter what type of fuel issue a diesel owner is facing, AMSOIL Dealers have the solution:

  • Cetane Boost for improved performance
  • Diesel Concentrate for improved efficiency
  • Cold Flow Improver for cold-temperature protection
  • Diesel Concentrate Plus Cold Flow Improver for improved efficiency and cold-temperature protection
  • Diesel Recovery for emergency cold-temperature fuel recovery

AMSOIL Dealers provide lubricants, filters and fuel additives of the highest quality and one-stop shopping convenience. Diesel owners searching to improve performance, maximize efficiency, extend drain intervals or save money can accomplish all that and more with one call to their local AMSOIL Dealer.

One 30 oz. bottle of Diesel Recovery treats 30 gallons of fuel. When encountering a gelled fuel system, AMSOIL recommends the following steps for maximum effectiveness:

  • Remove the existing fuel filter.
  • The filter can be reused, or a new filter can be installed.
  • Fill the fuel filter with AMSOIL Diesel Recovery.
  • Install the fuel filter.
  • Add the remaining Diesel Recovery to the fuel tank.
  • Start the engine and allow the fuel system to circulate until full power has been restored.

After more than six months of hard work and preparations, the 2008-2009 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series kicked off in Duluth, Minn. on Thanksgiving weekend. Featuring the largest track in the 17-year history of the AMSOIL Duluth National and plenty of man-made snow, the record crowd of 36,500 was treated to three days of intense, hard-charging racing action.

Leading the Team AMSOIL charge was pro racer Ross Martin of Judnick Motorsports, who earned a third place podium finish in Sunday's Pro Open final. Martin also earned a position in Saturday's Pro Super Stock final, but a broken shock on the first lap took him out of the race early. Martin's teammate, Matt Judnick, finished 10th in the Pro Open class and 11th in the Pro Super Stock class.

Team AMSOIL/Scheuring Speed Sports racers D.J. Eckstrom and Shaun Crapo also put together strong performances in Duluth. Both finished in the top three in their respective Pro Super Stock heat races to advance directly into the final, where the teammates battled back and forth all race long before Eckstrom finished ninth and Crapo 10th. In the Pro Open final, Eckstrom was riding in the top five for the first third of the race before getting bucked from his sled. He finished the day in 11th, while Crapo finished seventh.

Ross Martin Earns Third Place Pro Open Podium at AMSOIL Duluth National

Ross Martin
Ross Martin left the AMSOIL Duluth National with a third place podium finish.
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A record crowd of 36,500 snocross fans helped kick off the 2008- 2009 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series.

Team AMSOIL Wins Offshore World Championship Title in Key West

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Team AMSOIL fought close battles with Team Popeye's throughout the UIM/SBI Offshore World Championships.
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Paul Whittier and Bob Teague

Team AMSOIL offshore powerboat racers Bob Teague and Paul Whittier traveled to Key West, Fla. on the week of November 2-9 to compete in the annual UIM/SBI Offshore World Championships. In order to decide on the proper set-up for the traditionally rough Key West water, Team AMSOIL tested extensively before taking part in the week's opening race. The testing paid off, and when the green flag dropped, Team AMSOIL took the lead and never looked back, finishing ahead of second place Team Popeye's by nearly a minute.

Team Popeye's grabbed a quick lead in the week's second race, and although Team AMSOIL was right behind for the entire race, Team Popeye's effectively prevented them from passing and finished three seconds ahead for the win. The close second place finish still left Team AMSOIL in the overall lead by time and speed.

After two races, Team AMSOIL and Team Popeye's each had one win and one runner-up finish, setting up a winner-take-all showdown for Sunday's double points race. Team AMSOIL grabbed the lead from the start, but Team Popeye's remained within three to six seconds behind for most of the race. With approximately four laps remaining, Team Popeye's made a hard push going into a turn, hooked the buoy at a high rate of speed and flipped violently. Team AMSOIL also hopped a few times, but maintained control. Now with a significant lead on the rest of the Super Cat fleet, Teague and Whittier raced with a little more caution, earning the win and the UIM/SBI Super Cat World Championship.

Winning the UIM/SBI Super Cat World Championship capped off a near-perfect sophomore season for Team AMSOIL, which also won the OPA Cat Lite High Points Title, the Geico Triple Crown and the Cat Lite Offshore Super Series National Championship and High Points Title.