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AMSOIL Online Store Pricing Explained

Online Store & Catalog Pricing

Amsoil pricing is set by Amsoil Inc. and not subject to discounts. Purchasing Amsoil products from Retail Stores/Dealers can vary depending on markups and retail profit margins expected. But Amsoil products can only be sold online at the Amsoil Online Store. This is a strict Amsoil policy. There is a way to get a discount however. This can be accomplished by becoming a Preferred Customer. Information on the Preferred Customer Program is free and is included with the Product Catalog online. Preferred Customers receive a magazine monthly from Amsoil with product and pricing updated information.

Amsoil can be purchased both retail and Preferred Customer priced through the Free Product Catalog as well as the Online Store. However, if products need to be ordered without delay and you want the Preferred Customer price immediately, registration to become a Preferred Customer can be handled through the Amsoil Online Store (opens new window). After the Online Store page opens just click the Preferred Customer Program link in the upper left corner of the page. Then on the next page add to your shopping cart PREG1 for the one year registration or PREG6M for the 6 month trial registration. Then product can be ordered from the Online Store immediately afterward at the Preferred Customer discount. Amsoil will then mail a Product Catalog to you afterward.

For more information on the Preferred Customer program
Follow the link above for more information. Then you can follow the links and to go to the Preferred Customer Online Registration page.

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For the Online Product catalog just go to the Online Catalog Order page, fill out the information for the address the catalog is to be sent to, etc. and then check the box at the bottom that says Please send me a free AMSOIL Retail Catalog. It's just that simple. You'll receive the catalog by mail to review at your leisure.

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