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100 to 1 Two Cycle Oil in the Philippines

Philippine Tricycle
Tricycles are the main form of transportation throughout Manila neighborhoods.
Tricycles Philippines
Philippine Tricycles with 2-Stroke Engines using a 20 to 1 fuel/oil mix ratio produce much of the pollution in the Greater Manila area.

Back in early 1990 in was in the city of Manila, Philippines and I was amazed to see people being transported by 100, 125 & 150 cc Japanese motorcycles made by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki and equipped with sidecars. These little "Tricycles," as the Filipinos called them, buzzed all over the place transporting people from their neighborhoods out to the main roads where they could pick up a bus or Jeepney.

Due to the lack of quality 2 Cycle oil available to lubricate these engines, they were using motor oil mixed at a ratio of 20 to 1, which bellowed a tremendous amount of smoke in an already very polluted city. Also they would carry 7 passengers (4 in the side car, 2 behind the driver side saddle & the driver) or more which put a strain on the little engine causing them to open the throttle fully bellowing out even more smoke.

I contacted a downline AMSOIL Dealer of mine and had him send me small box of 8 ounce bottles of AMSOIL Synthetic 100 to 1 Two Cycle Oil. I had no idea if it would even arrive much less it they has some kind of import restriction on this type of product. The product arrived without any problems so I proceeded to see what kind of excitement I could create.

My Father in Law sold gasoline for these Tricycles with the oil and fuel pre-mixed in his business. He was not sure how he could convince them to try something so new and unfamiliar. He owned his own Tricycle and rented it out to earn extra money. On this particular day my Brother-in-Law, Rosauro, was to rent it from him to earn extra money for the weekend, so I decided this would be the perfect time to try it out.

They mixed the gas and oil in one liter glass Coke or Pepsi bottles (yes, I know it's dangerous, but they wouldn't listen). When mixing AMSOIL 100 to 1 Two Cycle Oil in 1 liter bottles we had to use a graduated eye dropper, since it only required 10 ml of lubricant to one liter of gasoline to be a 100 to 1 mix ratio. When seeing the small amount of oil being added I noted some panic on my Father in Law's voice questioning if this was not going to cause some kind of catastrophe. He thought that this "Kano" (Filipino nickname for Americans) was nuts! I'm accustomed to this since I had seen it so many times in the U.S. I reassured him that I knew what I was doing. When AMSOIL 100-1 2 Stroke Oil is added to gasoline, the gas turns almost black. After seeing this dramatic color change he seemed to feel a little more at ease.

Rosauro drove away in the Tricycle, no smoke coming out of the exhaust, for an entire afternoon without incident, paid the rental fee to my Father in Law and went home for the evening.

The next day my Father in Law mixed up some more AMSOIL 100-1 2 Cycle Oil and began to fill the fuel tank on his Tricycle in preparation to rent it out again. To his amazement it only held a little more than 2 liters of gas. He knew that no one ever returns one until he has made enough trips to collect a fixed amount of money. This automatically means that the Tricycle would have used up almost all of its fuel to make enough trips to collect that much money. First thing he did was to ask Rosauro was why had he returned the Tricycle so full of fuel. Rosauro immediately pulled out the money in still had in his pocket from the day before and began counting it. As it turned out he had more money than expected proving that he had transported the necessary number of people and then some. It was at this time that I informed my Father in Law that fuel consumption would be reduced. I told him about how in the Greater Houston area I would sell AMSOIL to UltraLight Airplane owners who enjoyed the fact that they could fly twice as long on the same fuel without spark plug fouling problems. The Tricycle used a little more than 2 liters of gas when it should have used a minimum of 6 liters!

Rosauro then made a really interesting statement, "That is really good oil!" He went on to say that the Tricycle had so much power that he went up the "Hill" fully loaded. The "hill" was so steep that the Tricycles always had to empty their passengers before going up the "hill" due to a lack of power. Once the passengers walked up the "hill" they would once again board the Tricycle and be on their way. With the AMSOIL 2 Cycle Oil he was able to go up the "hill" fully loaded with a running start! I'd be willing to pay extra for that service!

My Father in Law was hesitant to sell the AMSOIL to his customers since he made money from gasoline sales and AMSOIL 100 to 1 mix 2 stroke oil reduced fuel consumption tremendously. Also he was not sure of how much AMSOIL he could get into the Philippines reliably so instead he decided to keep it for use in his own Tricycle.

After this when the Tricycle Drivers would see me while they were getting gas I could hear them saying, "There's the Kano with the fantastic oil!"

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